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madden has leveonbell looking fast via speedyshad
madden has leveonbell looking fast via speedyshad
Madden has @LeVeonBell looking FAST 💀

(via @_SpeedyShad)
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Chicago White Sox
15 minutes before polls open yes we mccann google mlb vote and or james mccann
15 minutes before polls open. YES WE McCANN!

𝙂: Google "MLB Vote" and/or "James McCann"
#️⃣: #VoteMcCann
Adrian Wojnarowski
golden state warriors star kevin durant has declined his 315m player option and will become an unrestricted fr
Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has declined his $31.5M player option and will become an unrestricted free agent, league sources tell ESPN. Durant and his business manager Rich Kleiman are in New York, evaluating free agency options. So far, process has stayed private.
Virat Kohli
out and about in manchester
Out and about in manchester 😎
Mercedes-AMG F1
its time for wallpaperwednesday give your phone the frenchgp look right here
It’s time for #WallpaperWednesday! 🙌

Give your phone the #FrenchGP look right here 👇
Sky Sports Premier L
tottenham are set to break their club record transfer fee to sign tanguy ndombele and lyon are already plannin
Tottenham are set to break their club-record transfer fee to sign Tanguy Ndombele and Lyon are already planning to spend their fortune

Full story:
Ric Flair®
time to get in the wooooo wednesday mood wooooo
Time To Get In The WOOOOO Wednesday Mood!
Sports Illustrated
donald trump called out uswnt playermegan rapinoe after shestatedshe is not going to the f white house
Donald Trump called out USWNT player Megan Rapinoe after she stated she is "not going to the f------ White House."
Footy Humour
arsenal board working out how to sign zaha for 80m when their transfer budget is only 45m
Arsenal board working out how to sign Zaha for £80m when their transfer budget is only £45m.
Karim Benzema
new number whos this
New number, who’s this?
this is what a 495 inch vertical looks like via killerjunior23
This is what a 49.5-inch vertical looks like 🤯

(via @killerjunior23)
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