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I am usually an Everything Will Be Fine person but I cannot stand the people doing that about this. There is some ground between "hoard ammunition" and "actually only your relatives over 60 will die, nobody cares"

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Epic chart: US weekly jobless claims data series since inception. via @lenkiefer 

Delta, an American carrier, says it is losing around $50m a day. Germany's Volkswagen is losing €2bn a week

Money flows to those who can earn, manage, and grow it, but flows away from those who waste it.

9 ways you can exit a trade: 1. Stop loss 2. Trailing stop 3. Support or resistance reached 4. Fibonacci extension level 5. Price swing back to a high or low 6. Previous candle high/low 7. Volatility expansion 8. Time stop 9. Margin call

"Trump did do one good thing yesterday afternoon: He told the truth, although not in specific numbers, about ventilators. The facts are that if you go on a ventilator due to this virus you will, with a high degree of certainty, die. "

Why don’t governors close all the airports in their states for a month?

Private sector debt (% of GDP) and total stock of government guarantees (% of GDP) across key Eurozone countries. (Source: Unicredit)

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A lot of people seem interested in the history of the Texas Railroad Commission all of a sudden. They'll enjoy this read a lot by @AndOurPosterity . You can still order directly @ColumbiaUEnergyrom  here

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One month ago, on March 5, there were 11 coronavirus deaths in the United States. Today, April 5, a month later, there are more than 8,500 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the U.S. and I fear what the number will be a month from now. Please be safe and heed the guidelines.