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A really excellent @trey_menefee  article on HKPF here. The force is unusually large and acts as a gendarmerie. It is unusually well paid, inspiring loyalty, exercises serious political authority and has no institutional checks.

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Still 4% to go. Bernanke would've had this thing positive by now - what kind of second rate team did Bloomberg assemble?

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I like this Elizabeth Warren. She already cooked and ate Bloomberg and she's STILL HUNGRY.

We can all agree it’s great not seeing Tom Steyer on this stage, right?

Candidates must confront #WallSt  power, wealth & influence which has turned our economic system into a wealth extraction mechanism rather than a broad-based wealth generation system @JoeBiden  @Mike2020  #DemDebate  @elizabet @amyklobuchar @PeteButtigiegf @BernieSandersorma

@RampCapitalLLC  He has an LLC set up for every book to collect the profits and has three mortgages. Go look at his financial disclosures and tax returns, it’s hilarious

Warren just going one by one slapping everyone on stage with why she hates them LMAO where has this version of her been the past year?

"Let's talk about Democratic Socialism." Sen. Sanders and Mayor Bloomberg face off on the definition of socialism and how it appears across the world. #DemocraticDebate