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Writing about markets @WSJ. Interested in markets, macro, history, UK / EZ / Japan / EM. My views, but you're welcome to them: mike.bird@wsj.com

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"Paris is to revive an 18th-century tradition by asking merchants to set up stall on its bridges...home to shops, offices, gardens, theatres and other activities.
#WhatWeCouldHaveHad https://t.co/9dkALx2PqX
You on the weekend vs. you on Monday morning
Don't worry too much about your jobs if you saw that robot doing a backflip - this is the same lad trying to stack a shelf
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Another beautiful day's view from WSJ towers
Me: I'm worried about how much data FB has about me
Also me: FB thinks I want to do a pub crawl in North Korea
.@TheStalwart is a good tweeter but you need a close-up vid of him eating pickled cabbage on Insta to get the full experience
Norway considers pulling its $1 trillion wealth fund out of oil stocks https://t.co/YsKlC1w1f2 via @WSJ
I propose to divest from Greggs and Brewdog stocks, says the man with the diet of baked savoury goods and pale ale.
Been thinking about this recently: is the argument for UK fiscal stimulus now weaker given the BOE move?
Cunliffe, McCafferty, Vlieghe, Saunders at the Treasury Select on Tues. Best opportunity to get a read on support for more BOE hikes.
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