After Presl Anti-Corruption Commission Commissioner Manuelito Luna asked NBI to investigate VP Leni Robredo for "illegal solicitations," PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica says PACC is not asking anyone to investigate Robredo: This is not the time for politicking. | @mikenavallo 

For all the praise from pundits Germany's trajectory is in line with most European neighbours. Reminder that tests are not cures. #Coronavirus 

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#Breaking | Tablighi attendees refuse testing after floating quarantine & mocking the lockdown. Details by TIMES NOW's Mohit Bhatt. | #TablighSuperSpreader 

Coronavirus: Mother who gave birth alone praises NHS for 'positive experience'

Newsom and Cuomo have been top leaders in the coronavirus crisis. Don't count on them to challenge Biden

Older coronavirus patients with a low chance of survival could have life-saving ventilators removed so the machines can be given to healthier patients, under new ethics guidelines issued by the British Medical Association.

#BREAKING Four people arrested for attacking doctors in #Indore . India Today's Hemender Sharma@delayedjab ) reports from Bhopal#ITVideo  #CoronavirusPandemic  #MadhyaPradesh 

The coronavirus could "swiftly overwhelm Gaza’s health care system...devastated by years of war & Israeli blockade. The death toll could be horrific....Israel should lift the blockade for medical supplies & allow Palestinians out" who need hospitalization.

Man infected with coronavirus spits at a person as they queued for train tickets in Thailand

Newborn, mother test positive for #COVID19  in Mumbai's Chembur, were given same hospital room as infected person. #CoronavirusUpdate  #CoronavirusOutbreak