Florida real estate agent fired after video shows her "mocking anyone black" in election protest because Florida:

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The rise of Bernie Sanders is one hell of story. It’s just not the story the elite mainstream media, largely led by Baby Boomers, wants to tell, says @Will_Bunch  in his new column.

@UN  @realDonaldTrumpU  @BorisJohnsonp  @EmmanuelMacrond  @SyriaCivilDefa  @AlexCrawfordSkyt  @Channel4Newse  @SavetheChildren : @SyriaRandD  @SyriaRelief  @sams_usac  @theIRConfi  @violet_org1rms  that @sams_usa  8 schools & 2 pre-schools were bombed today by / -- 11 civili #Syriaa  #Russians  killed (incl. 6 kids) & 32 wounded (incl. 14 kids & 6 women). 's Central Hos#Idlibpital  was also hit, causing "significant structural & material damage. "

A U.S. airstrike has killed a key planner in January’s deadly attack on U.S. forces in Kenya, where three Americans were killed after al-Qaida-connected militants stormed a local base, @USAfricaCommand  said.

NEW: Trump sought to reassure Americans that the coronavirus outbreak poses little threat, but the CDC warned hours later to prepare for the disease to disrupt daily life

Military language can creep into everyday speech. There's: “trench coat” “A-team” "collateral damage" “bombshell” “blown away” “friendly fire” “take cover” “marching orders” “be a trooper” “uphill battle” “long shot" “lower your sights” and more:

Regarding the *1969* essay by Bernie Sanders that the Bloomberg campaign is maliciously lying about & distorting on national television: It is absolutely clear that Sanders was writing about how to raise small children to not be ashamed of their bodies.

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The Beijing Platform for Action was nothing short of revolutionary. We should always celebrate it, but we must remind ourselves that the Beijing agenda is unfinished. The risks of setbacks are real & growing – @mbachelet : #HRC43  #IStandWithHer  #Beijing25 

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Starbucks worker says he was fired for union organizing and 'to create fear'

Syrian refugees fleeing Assad's onslaught in Idlib have nowhere left to hide

BACK HOME: Officials teamed up to help a 600-pound sea lion return to the Columbia River, after it was found blocking a road in Castle Rock, Oregon. They worked for several hours to contain the sea lion and used a transport trailer to take it back.