Jews / Nazi

Florida man planned to burn down 15-story 400+ unit condo “with all the f*cking Jews,” detectives find storage room with swastikas, Nazi books, 28 gasoline containers, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate, stop possible mass-casualty event:

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Jews / Nazi

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Pressed by Sen. Patty Murray if the U.S. has stockpiled "enough" resources for potential coronavirus outbreak, HHS Sec. Alex Azar said, “Well of course not, or we wouldn’t be asking for a supplemental to seek more money to procure more of that."

Sometimes a politician displays such spectacularly bad judgement their only option is to lash out. This appears to explain how the SNP’s Mhairi Black has spent much of the past 24 hours, says Joanna Williams

Trump administration officials are reportedly considering a plan to eject "hundreds" of Chinese journalists from the U.S. after China's removal of 3 WSJ reporters. Needless to say, that would be an outrageous press freedom violation.

@carlsonmargaret  on Sanders' Castro comments: "He stepped into losing 29 electoral votes in [FL], hurting anybody down ballot. You can say in an offhand way that Castro did a lot for literacy and Cuba, but you have to immediately acknowledge what awful things he did" #AMRstaff 

@OnReality_Check  | NDTV hit the ground in violence-hit East Delhi, in an attempt to bring out the real picture - only to encounter anger, fear and an island of sanity. Watch full show:

CDC warns spread of coronavirus in US now inevitable: ‘Not a question of if this will happen but when’

@OnReality_Check  | NDTV sets off on foot towards Maujpur-Babarpur metro, which had become the latest flashpoint, using cellphone cameras to capture the real picture. #DelhiViolence  #Delhi  Watch full show:

Texas Attorney General Paxton files suit over Houston-area explosion.

Bernie Sanders looks electable in surveys — but it could be a mirage via @voxdotcom 

Tuesday market slide is picking up speed

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