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NEW BS PODCAST @jj_redick  on LeBron’s sway, The Bubble, quarantine shooting routines, secret Laker games + next steps for NBA activism @cordjefferson  on The Watchmen’s impact, Gawker days + Hollywood diversity Spotify: Apple:

So @ZachLowe_NBA  has been badgering me to do the 2009 ReDraftables for 2 months and we finally did it on his podcast even though I’m not doing 2008 with Russillo until Sunday. It’s almost as dumb as drafting back to back point guards. KAHHHHHHHHNNN!!!!!!!

ALSO... We’re launching “The Bakari Sellers Podcast“ w/ @Bakari_Sellers  on June 29th — 2 episodes per week about the Presidential election and America in 2020, plus celebrity interviews, debate analysis and more. Excited to have his voice at @ringer  - he’s a truly talented guy.

Iconic 1970s uniform/helmet matchup.

New Tuesday BS Pod up earlier than usual today cuz, you know...


LeBron is a smart dude (and one of the most thoughtful athletes we have) - this is a bullshit tweet and feels more than a little racist. You’re a constant embarrassment.

A quick recap: Jeter bought the Marlins using mostly other people’s money, completely gutted them, pushed out a bunch of longtime employees, and traded their once-in-a-Generation player to the Yankees.

This ref crew is an absolute abomination. It's a humiliating night for the NBA.

But seriously - why did it take today for people to turn on Trump? He's been horrible this whole time.

Single craziest day in NBA history. It’s not even close. Stay safe out there everybody.

The Kaepernick Blackball Lawsuit Evidence power rankings for Week 11 1. Peterman 2. Hundley 3. Cutler 4. A. Smith 5. Kizer 6. Bortles 7. Osweiler 8. Flacco

So ESPN let Jemele hang out to dry but they're promoting the belated social awakening of this idiot?

This is one of my favorite sports pictures of this decade. Thanks for being such an inspiration to my daughter @mPinoe  - you were unbelievable today.

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I loved everyone I worked with at G and loved what we built. Watching good/kind/talented people get treated so callously = simply appalling.