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I played the very first intercollegiate tournament in 1973, and then 25 more years. Only team sport, where offense cannot score unassisted. Amazing. Try it; let’s get ‘em flyin’ ! https://t.co/9tB9dDUjrB
Today we keep those we lost on 9/11 in our hearts and minds. We are grateful for the first responders and to the families and citizens around the globe affected by these senseless acts. Let’s remember that we have more in common than we have differences. Let’s get to work.
Record heat again. Its’ climate change people. Let’s get to work reducing emissions and providing renewable electricity to all of Earth’s citizens. If you want to know more about our situation, follow @MichaelEMann
Senator McCain, you changed the world.  Thank you for your service.
We need science and truth now more than ever.
@neiltyson The National Academy was established in midst of the US Civil War to provide scientific advice “whenever called upon.” It was 72 years after Article 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution cited “the Progress of Science.” But our most important Truth Forces remain our press and news media.
Aretha reminded men &
women everywhere about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Today the world is showing you that and so much more, Ma’am. You will be sorely missed.
San Fran - see you tomorrow at Outside Lands? It will be big fun! @outsidelands @paulscheer
Played ultimate this morning on a beach back east with a disk from out west.
Liquid water remains the best solvent we can think of to enable life to live. Finding life on Mars would make some huge history. Let’s go looking! @exploreplanets
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