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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.

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Happy Earth Day! Take some time and ponder our place in space. We’re alone out here. No one coming to save us from ourselves. Let’s take care of our home. @exploreplanets
This is no game, people. It’s #nintendolabo. Thanks for having me, Canada. @NintendoCanada
Congratulations to Mr. Bridenstine on his confirmation as NASA Administrator. We look forward to working with him to explore space, advance space science, and search for life on other worlds. https://t.co/y47Qj48X56
"Bill Nye: Science Guy" comes to @POVdocs tomorrow, April 18th. Don't miss it if you can. https://t.co/awtbZea0z0
Mark your calendars: #BillNyeSavesTheWorld returns for a 3rd Season, May 11th on @netflix. Let's blow it up, peoples! https://t.co/UpjGy1HgfN
Three things we want for everyone in the world: clean water, reliable, renewable electricity, and free Internet. #JackAndTheGeniuses https://t.co/CLTNIgOoUD
It was great to spend some time with LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti this morning at City Hall to kick off City of #STEM. Science rules! (and so does technology, engineering and math!)
Today I reflect: Martin Luther King changed the world. But we need quite a bit more change. He was optimistic. We can be too.
Half the world are women and girls, so let's have half the scientists and engineers be women and girls. Just like Ava, who builds robots for fun. #JackAndTheGeniuses https://t.co/CLTNIgOoUD
And-- it's Pi Day (in the US, where they write the month before the day-- 3.14 it's a circular idea!)
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