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From my house this morning. It’s the Paz Satellite atop a Falcon 9. Nicely done SpaceX. Fly well Spanish Earth Observer!
We are living in an extraordinary time for space travel. @elonmusk and the entire @SpaceX team are indeed changing the world. https://t.co/jPjlkoaxmd
Celebrating the launch with Buzz Aldrin (he walked on the Moon, y’know...) @TheRealBuzz
and a strong interest in the future of space exploration. My attendance tomorrow should not be interpreted as an endorsement of this administration, or of Congressman Bridenstine’s nomination, or seen as an acceptance of the recent attacks on science and the scientific community.
Tomorrow night I will attend the State of the Union as a guest of Congressman Jim Bridenstine – nominee for NASA Administrator – who extended me an invitation in my role as CEO of The Planetary Society....
We are all one species of one world. Today we celebrate your life Dr. King. You helped humans everywhere grasp this enormous idea.
Hot summers, intense winter storms -- textbook climate change phenomena. If we got to work, we could anticipate problems and avoid them. We’re headed the wrong direction right now. https://t.co/nMmZ71gCv5
Happy Isaac Newton’s Birthday! Let’s make 2018 the best one yet reckoned.
Happy Solstice! Shortest day for us North hemispherians. The Earth’s tilted axis is something to celebrate— Happy holidays!
My lab coat is in the Smithsonian. Hope you’ll visit.
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