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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.

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Quite a leap for Virgin Galactic, advancing space exploration with a unique spacecraft: https://t.co/HcVy45Srz3 @exploreplanets
7 December 1941, the Day that Lives in Infamy. Ned Nye fought the Japanese Navy. He was captured on 24 December and spent 44 months as a POW. As a result of the attack, Jacquie Jenkins joined the US Navy. Let’s be thankful for the service of the Greatest Generation.
Watching the news this AM — news anchor's voice was replaced with a grating siren, and this alert comes on the screen. Srsly, let's take climate change seriously. Clean water. Renewable electricity. Access to global information. We can change the world. Be safe out there.
Time is running out to pick up your “Science & Chill” gear. All the proceeds go to a great cause - to save the earth, for us. Get yours here: https://t.co/QxJOFH1q0w
Sometimes you kind-of-hafta-do Everything All At Once. Now available in paperback. https://t.co/w61IShpHBs
About to be on 24 Hour of Reality Project. We're taking climate change and how we are going to save the world-- for humans like you and me.
Science Cannot be DeNYEd! The world climate is changing and we need to do something about it! Support my limited edition "Science and Chill" campaign at Proceeds https://t.co/yA4c6r57E8support @solutionsproject
Touchdown confirmed!!!!!
You know the old saying: What could go wrong?

Well, these people have been working hard on a few thousand answers to that question for 7 (Earth) years!
Just a little climate change. Nothing to worry about here... https://t.co/XAWrYp4U3e
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