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More evidence that a 2nd wave of #COVID19  is spreading across Europe- the UK has recorded 4,926 new #coronavirus  cases; the highest daily total since May 7th (5,614). Figures in Spain (esp. Madrid), France, Belgium & elsewhere are shooting up. More testing, yes, but alarming.

@sommervilletv  @JohninJerusalem  "Can you start with 'tonight'/ say 'iconic' / 'extraordinary' / 'dramatic'/ rare access'? AND "I know you're on the front line- great pictures- but the meeting thought it would be good to have an expert from XX Think Tank. You know... to put it all in perspective. "

The books I’ve learned most from in life.

Finally, the US Congress does what the body that’s meant to oversee airline safety in the US, the FAA, totally failed to do, concluding that two #737MAX  crashes were a 'horrific culmination' of failures by #Boeing  and the FAA.

U.S. #Coronavirus  deaths have risen above 200,000 for the first time according to @NBCNews  figures. Total US #covid19  cases now 6,766,137; total deaths 200,042.


BREAKING: Lebanese Prime Minister says #Beirut  explosions caused by an estimated 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate left unsecured for 6 years in a warehouse. He vows to punish officials responsible. 50+ dead, 3,000 injured, hospitals overwhelmed.

BREAKING: The entire UK strategy for fighting #coronavirus  was based on false analysis. Scientists advising the Gov’t now say the UK only realised "in the last few days" that its Coronavirus strategy would "likely result In hundreds of thousands of deaths"

3 things I have learned about the #coronavirus  crisis. 1. Hospitals are not the frontline in this war. You are. The medics treat the fallen. 2. The virus doesn’t spread. You spread it. 3. There is no medical solution yet (& maybe ever). You are the solution.

If this isn’t an endorsement of ethnic cleansing, what is? “They had to have it cleaned out” says @realDonaldTrump  of the Turks desire to get rid of Kurds from their Southern border.

BREAKING: The UK Gov't's target to test 100,000 people by y'day has NOT been met. @DHSCgovuk  figures show 73,191 people were tested y'day. 81,978 tests were actually done, a further 40,369 were posted to homes & other stations. Fig. below of 122,347 counts tests mailed & not done

Israel's army admits killing 8 civilians from one family in an airstrike in #Gaza  on Wednesday, including 5 children. "We thought the house was empty" says the Army. The family were sheep herders, not Islamic Jihad militants.

Kurds now holding their own news conference on death of #Baghdadi  saying they began sharing Intell on the #ISIS  leader with the US 5 months ago.

I’m stunned at how little coverage there is on , and other British media of the killing of a journalist, a British citizen, shot dead on a British street by a gunman attacking police. It was in Derry, not London. Metropolitan elite should be ashamed.

Germany has increased its @coronavirus  tests to half a million a week, while the UK is managing 6,000-7,000 a day; TWENTY times less. And the UK is not testing its health workers; only patients. There's a point where British people will no longer accept this #COVID19  discrepancy.