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If you’re interested in donating your time or resources but don’t know where to start, @TheEconomist recently highlighted one approach to giving that might give you some ideas. https://t.co/n7bLUlD3Qu
Earlier this month, the world lost one of the greatest vaccine creators of our time. Dr. Adel Mahmoud saved the lives of countless children. https://t.co/FQFpS0U9Pb
Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. While this is a cause for celebration for most of us, that may not be the case for people living with Alzheimer’s. All of us should be able to enjoy #TheLongestDay—and we need a breakthrough to fulfill that goal: https://t.co/SSKNbDH0N7
My friend @WarrenBuffett plays a mean pinball. https://t.co/GLaGn8tCf6
Keeping vaccines cold when you’re delivering them to the most remote places on earth is a tough challenge. I asked a group of brilliant inventors to help solve this problem – and they came up with two game-changing innovations: https://t.co/Hff5iGhjMU
I’m excited about a revolutionary invention that’s already helping more kids get vaccinated: https://t.co/rwSmg8KHPj #vaccineswork
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Collaboration is key to our work at the foundation. @hbuffett's new book "Social Value Investing" explores how to make partnerships even more effective at tackling big problems: https://t.co/G7iMPahfrC
Two of the things I love most about my job are getting to see amazing innovations and talk to remarkable people. On a recent trip, I got to do both. https://t.co/qII3Qhmqu1
World-class engineers and artists are working together to design bionic limbs for children with disabilities: https://t.co/AWBqzMrr8B
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I recently visited an incredible non-profit called @Limbitless3D that is working to change the way the world thinks about artificial limbs. https://t.co/AyeWVlbBD2
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