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Access to state-level health trends in India will be a game changer for policymakers and practitioners: https://t.co/pM5kvhA7Ub
There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that we can stop Alzheimer’s. One of those reasons is brave patients like Sandy Halperin. https://t.co/r06JO2TqgJ via @drsanjaygupta
What will it take to find a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s? We need to make progress in these five areas…
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.@mariashriver The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement has helped shed light on how this disease affects women. I’m excited to join the fight.https://t.co/kDheJ9voQ5
.@David_Cameron Your leadership has helped raise the profile of dementia research. I look forward to working with you.https://t.co/b83WeXiv0B
I believe that we can alter the course of Alzheimer’s. That’s why I’m investing in the Dementia Discovery Fund. https://t.co/7fcixpeJd5
I have so much admiration for health workers. They go to the most remote parts of the world to save lives: https://t.co/EN5vAhG1kn
Tanzania hopes to eliminate one of the world’s most painful diseases by 2020. From what I saw in this village, I’m optimistic they will.
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By investing in R&D, I know we can discover new innovations that will help wipe tuberculosis off the map: https://t.co/q02stkqkKU
This unusual tool for fighting disease turns our old thinking about treatment on its head. https://t.co/SWMAJHaoib
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