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  3. for i will restore health to you, & your wounds i will heal. -jeremiah 30.17
For I will restore health to you, & your wounds I will heal. -Jeremiah 30.17


Pray for your enemies. It's amazing what it will do.
The outcomes of your deliberations will contribute to strengthening our collaboration & technical cooperation with you- our Member States- and in ⬆️ the health and well-being of the peoples of the Americas. Indeed the latter is the cause that unites us all. @CarissaEtie #DC56nne
Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, including the health–related SDG-3, will require targeted and ambitious support for individuals in fragile circumstances and environments in order to ensure they are not left behind @CarissaEti #DC56 #UNGA #HealthForAll #SDGsenne-
An actively engaged political directorate together with appropriate financing of health programs will be essential for building the resilient health systems needed to manage the next epidemic or disaster and to protect the health gains that we have achieved @CarissaEti #DC56enne-
What will it take to #endTB by 2030? Find out at the first-ever #TBInnovation Summit! Tune in today via livestream from 1-4pm EST for the latest inspiration, ingenuity & action in the fight against TB: https://t.co/TUhhPyhXug
Register now for our media skills training. On this one-day course you will work with an experienced TV production team, a top voice coach, and a leading science communicator to prepare and practice media interviews.
If you must drive in bad weather, map out 🗺️ safe routes in advance and check ✅ road conditions. Your GPS will not necessarily avoid flooded areas - talk to local contacts about road conditions and road closures before traveling. #Florence
If daily you feel a sense of gratitude for the blessings of this life it will be a cushion & buffer when challenges arise. -Rose W-T
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