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  3. for i will restore health to you, & your wounds i will heal. -jeremiah 30.17
For I will restore health to you, & your wounds I will heal. -Jeremiah 30.17


This mascara will keep your lashes curled for longer: https://t.co/VFRiio0WmS
Do you volunteer in the #NHS? Become a member of the Patients Association - it’s entirely free, and will enable us to work together to form a strong unified voice to improve patient safety in health and social care: https://t.co/2dP8R7jYdf
Today is Swords Pavilions Day & we’ll be doing cheese tastings of 15 fields, Crozier Blue, Gubbeen and Wicklow bán along with our winter chutney! Boxes of the Swords Pavilions cheese selections will be available in Swo@dunnesstoresrds - perfect for an easy Thursday dinner.
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On 21 November MPs will debate investing in nursing higher education. Ask your MP to attend and speak for you: https://t.co/PonKJn2p2M #FundOurFuture
The wisdom of God will shine upon the world through this blessed transit in ways that are far beyond mortal comprehension - Learn what it means for you! #Astrology - Jupiter Transits Sagittarius https://t.co/KM5AOVbI30
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About to speak on a panel #PPPTHERESET- will say that U and I (my hosts) should not only act on their own impressive principles for regeneration partnerships but be willing to call out unacceptable sector practice like profit gouging & wriggling out of social housing commitments
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