In 2016, when Trump won PA, MI, and WI by a handful of votes, the election system worked just great. Now that he's losing, it's a "fraud" and they're "stealing the election." This is how demagogues destroy faith in democracy and move us toward authoritarianism. Count every vote!

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NEW—PENCE BACKS AWAY FROM TRUMP. Sources say the VP sees the legal challenges as doomed and has recoiled at the president’s attacks on GOP Govs. Pence’s name has gone notably missing from Trump logos and emails W/ and @swin24  @lachlan 

Over 1,000 Chinese military researchers fled the country after authorities began aggressively investigating CCP spy networks on U.S. campuses. The DOJ’s China Initiative is a vital line of effort that must be continued & expanded.  

I first met Walter Williams when I was 17. I’ll never forget his speech about conservation, that there is rarely a shortage of things privately owned! RIP to a brilliant and important voice for Liberty.

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A message from Gabriel Sterling, a Georgia Republican and voting system manager, for every elected official falsely claiming election fraud: “It’s all gone too far.”

@chowtingagnes  will unjustly spend her 24th birthday in a #HongKong  prison because of the cruelty of the Communist Party of #China . We are with you Agnes! Stay strong & don’t lose hope.

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Times reports tonight that 2,760 people died of COVID today. The most in any single day since the pandemic began. sobering. And it’s not getting better in the immediate future.

“That’s OK, I don’t like him,” Rep. Katie Porter says of Steven Mnuchin when @ChrisCuomo  notes the Treasury Secretary doesn’t like her. The two had a contentious exchange today during a hearing

India's most inspiring entrepreneur, MDH owner Dharm Pal Mahashay passed away this morning. I have never met such an inspiring and lively soul. May his soul rest in peace.

This is why they tell you not to mix alcohol and drugs

I was one of the first Senators to engage with @ChrisEvans  & @KassenK  on b @ASPcause  their mission inspired me—to give Americans access to their representatives with the goal of creating a more informed & engaged electorate. Our country needs civic engagement more than ever.