Bernie Sanders

"I trust him to fight for all of us in spite of it being hard." @PramilaJayapal 


“I want to compliment Gov. Inslee. We are watching his success. ... But I would point out that even in the stay-at-home order that’s one of the most stringent, as he points out, in Washington state, you can still go buy your marijuana." -- @AsaHutchinson 

Esper on the firing of a Navy commander after writing a memo saying that crew needed help after the coronavirus hit his ship: "I think Acting Secretary Modly made a very tough decision ... It's just another example how we hold leaders accountable for their actions " #CNNSOTU 

Kyle Walker apologises for hosting sex party at home during coronavirus lockdown

How dare Trump attack @CNN , which has "accurately reported on the virus." ?? Let's just start with all the Tappers and Blitzers etc. letting Democrats like @Ocasio2018  lie that Trump called the coronavirus a "hoax."

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The various moves to restrict access to outdoor spaces in the name of anti-crowding seem self-defeating to me.

Their health should be as essential as their labor, and Amazon workers are organizing to get management to act like it.

Joe Biden tells @GStephanopoulos  that holding the Democratic convention is “necessary,” but Democrats “may have to do a “virtual” convention amid the COVID-19 threat. “We may not be able to put 10, 20, 30,000 people in one place and that’s very possible.”

The most tiring liberal-media metaphor is "In the midst of a pandemic," Trump or conservative media is politicizing things or talking about Biden. "In the midst of a pandemic," the liberal media is still seeking to ruin Trump in every hour. @oliverdarcy 

This video shows just how ignorant Trump supporters have been about the seriousness of coronavirus

The 35 best films to watch while you’re self-isolating