This campaign is about building a massive, diverse coalition of working people across the country. That is why we are the best campaign to defeat Trump.

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“Americans have reached a point where ignorance—at least regarding what is generally considered established knowledge in public policy—is seen as an actual virtue.”

Even in our age of enlightenment, a number of people describe the coronavirus as God's punishment. @TomRtweets  says there's nothing new about these superstitions. They reflect the penchant of idiots and frauds for finding purpose in a moment of crisis.

Businessman paid $8.2m by Tokyo organisers ‘gave gifts’ to Diack

We all wish ‘Classic Dom’ the very best as he recovers from coronavirus. There can be no perpetual war without him | @tompeck 

The banking regulator, however, did not order banks to provide such a relief. It gave the option to banks to take a call on whether they are in a position to extend the measure for customers. @Kosjr09  #Business  #coronavirus  #RBI 

Remember that row... When was the last time @BBCR4Today  DIDN”T have a cabinet minister?

According to reports, many people from Assam had also attended the religious congregation of Tablighi Jamaat at Hazrat Nizamuddin earlier this month. #Nizamuddin  #Assam  #coronavirus 

Nearly 300 foreigners who attended #Nizamuddin  event may be blacklisted

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MyPillow founder uses coronavirus briefing to urge Americans to focus on religion

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