Donald Trump

Our victory tonight is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump

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The Congress party will stand with the Centre and the Delhi government in every way to maintain brotherhood and harmony in the society, says Randeep Surjewala#DelhiViolence  #Politics 

Meanwhile at @JBA_NAFW , VP Pence arrives to board Air Force Two headed to Michigan and another campaign bus tour beginning in Lansing and ending with a Trump-Pence Campaign rally in Troy.

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A recent study by @PNASNews  using OpenSecrets data found that "The more a given member of Congress votes against environmental policies, the more contributions they receive from oil and gas companies supporting their reelection."

The 12th Regional Security Conference in Honduras brought together officials from the U.S., Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, & Panama to discuss efforts to jointly address irregular migration, border security & transnational criminal organizations in the region.

The U.S. and our Central Americans partners remain focused on creating an environment that leads to greater opportunity and prosperity for people closer to home, instead of undertaking a long, dangerous, and expensive journey to the U.S.

Days before the South Carolina Primary, 2020 Democrats will take the stage for the 10th presidential primary debate. There are no moderates in the Democrat field. All candidates have endorsed a radical big government socialist agenda that is wildly out of touch with SC voters.

Instead of focusing on priorities like election security and infrastructure, @senatemajldr  has chosen to use access to legal abortion care as a political tool to mobilize his right-wing base. Our bodies are not political tools.

Bernie Sanders doubling down on his praise for the Castro regime is clearly playing well in Florida this morning!

#DelhiViolence : Shoot at sight orders in the affected area. Here's what former diploma @ambkcsingh  has to say LIVE: #DelhiViolence  #ITVideo 

“...the normally opinionated president seemed visibly uncomfortable and tentative as he tried to deflect thorny questions about India’s religious violence and the guilty verdict for Harvey Weinstein on rape charges.” Latest w/ @Noahbierman ⁩ >>