Bernie Sanders

Most of my father’s family was brutally murdered at the hands of Hitler’s white supremacist regime—a regime which came to power on a wave of violence and hatred against racial and religious minorities. We cannot allow that cancer to grow here.

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Did someone measure where the goal post was before, because I just saw it doing 55 in a 40 mph zone.

China offers free subway rides to citizens who register their face with surveillance system

Impeachment pressure escalates as Democrats demand release of whistleblower's Trump complaint.

#Iowa pork producers like Mike share my support for the #USMCA . It’s a win for Iowa. And all America. WATCH:

@MSNBC 's presidential climate change forum underscored how successful youth and student activists have been in pushing climate change to the forefront of the presidential race. via @Sierra_Magazine 

@Keir_Starmer  gets standing ovation for failing to take a view on whether Labour members should back @jeremycorbyn ’s Brexit ambivalence or Remain in three votes now

Forecasted distribution of global ad spend in 2021 Internet 52% TV 27% Outdoor 7% Newspaper 6% (uhoh) Radio 5% Magazines 3% Cinema 1% Zenith Media

WATCH: Several protestors arrested as demonstrations shut down DC intersections to demand shift to renewable energy

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Just 22% of Britons back a ban on private schools - 50% oppose. With the Labour party having just voted to integrate these schools into the state sector, Labour voters themselves are split 38% to 35%

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It is hard to hear the later parts of this @throughlineNPR  story because the earlier parts of it have you shouting WTF.