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Latest Scoops

TIME’s new cover: 'I mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I loved Facebook. But I can't stay silent about what's happening,' writes @Moonalice Roger McNamee! Thank you for leading us into the future with @tristanharris. https://t.co/sBpjXhJzoo https://t.co/8evLMe1fE2
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Your Move Humans! @wef opens the door on what is #globalization4 & how do we survive a much bigger AI, a declining ecology, plastic oceans, deepening inequality, & authoritian leaders. CEOs need to wake up now & realize they must shift from EPS to multi stakeholderism & fight.
Welcome Salesforce Tower Dublin! Thank you @campaignforleo for making this miracle happen. We could not have done it without you! https://t.co/NSYTZHXAHc
Wow. @DowChemical is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), a newly formed organization committing more than $1 billion to develop and scale solutions that manage plastic waste and promote post-use solutions of plastic. https://t.co/bkwWwe7Grw
I don’t think I would be too happy in the water if a Great White shark showed up while snorkeling, but these divers in Hawaii are probably right about the safety of an encounter if the sharks are not feeding and they don’t mistake you as prey. https://t.co/KIzbZP69De
The Fourth Industrial Revolution may be the only thing that can save us from the damage of the previous three. Entrepreneurs, innovators, & scientists innovating to improve the state of the world. New Time from looks at the 4IR in depth with . @Davos@wefhttps://t.co/OVrXmocDYg
Incredible @Naomi_Osaka_ defeated her idol Serena Williams. Now she just might succeed her. Great new cover of Time International https://t.co/B66lsnpTKG
This special issue for @Davos 2019 was produced in partnership with the @wef, whose insights & expertise helped us navigate through the wonder, fear, upheaval & opportunity that the fourth industrial revolution has sparked. @efelsenthalhttps://t.co/F4k4ObwvnQ
I’ve known ⁦@Moonalice⁩ for almost 3 decades as an amazing investor & visionary in our industry but his work with year exposing the issues with Facebook is perhaps the most important thing he has done for our industry & his new book Zucked is Wow! https://t.co/zlaYYcOqgs
Powerful interview Scott
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