Ben Platt

Ben Platt

My album “Sing To Me Instead” is out now! @the_Politician on @Netflix drops 9/27.

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thank you dude!!! I love ur music! my bro Henry and I be harmonizing to jaywalk in the car constantly

hate is a waste of precious time

just ran into a door listening to a new mix so i can confirm there will be dancing on album 2

that relief of getting safely home and taking ur first big breath without a mask after a lovely long masked walk protecting your neighbors- she’s a tasty relief!

#BidenHarris2020 !! love how neither one is tr*mp !!

this rinse repeat till election day


roses are red, violets are blue, arrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor in her home

I started my day with breakfast and then had a quick bite then I sat down for a meal then I grabbed a snack then I was munching on some food then I noshed a little then I had lunch then I went ahead and ate and then I scarfed down some grub then I had dinner and before bed I ate

my vocal engineer always asking for less vibrato and more straight tone Im like sir I am gay the straight does not come natural

Is the Dear Evan Hansen film a real thing? A thread:

remember when the senate could have removed him

happy saturday black lives matter ?

i. hope the peeps who rt’d & liked this are enjoying the 99% of content that remains sinfully boring & straight- it’s for u! ii. love u @netflix  keep the queer content coming iii. moving forward id like everyone to pls refer to me exclusively as ‘unnecessary gay character’ ?

another saturday song (let’s make this a thing?) @adele