Ben Platt

Ben Platt

My album “Sing To Me Instead” is out now! @the_Politician on @Netflix drops 9/27.

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sometimes when i get home i will wait outside my apartment door until whatever musical theatre song I’m listening to ends so that I can shut my door on the button

I’m on a new anti-anxiety med called ‘working with @JudithLight’ and lemme tell you it’s working like a charm- the only major side effects are clear skin, a bountiful harvest & looking like a good actor

she got the honeymoon film developed pt. 1 📸: @zoeydeutch 

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the feeling when @ArianaGrande  gives you 90 min of live vocal insanity and you finally process that her instrument is from space and you finally get the song NASA

I’m living the dream on my favorite podcast with @MattyDR  and pls @bowenyangake  your day better by using this link to listen to them (& me)


We can’t go to the movies We can’t go to church We can’t go to synagogue We can’t go to a mosque We can’t go to a concert We can’t go to school We can’t go to work So we have to go to the polls. 🌊 #GunSenseCandidates 

Today is my last performance, ending a 3.5 year journey with a remarkable family of artists. I am proud of all I gave & grateful for all I received. I love you, Evan. You changed every part of my life. I’ll carry you with me for the rest of my days. Now, onward!

All your kind words made me wanna sing more so I covered a little @5SOS  this mornin

So when’s the exposé about Tr*mp? Oh right, his history of sexual assault is already widely known and documented, complete with a taped admission of his twisted behavior the whole country has heard. And he’s still president. Nevermind. Back to people who don’t run the free world!

Evan taught me: 1) We are lovable even in our darkest moments 2) In those moments, find the courage to reach out #WorldSuicidePreventionDay 

If I am lucky enough to have kids I plan to love them unconditionally but just need to say here and now that if they decide to watch the harry potter movies before reading the books I will have no choice but to disown them