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Breaking: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the main factions have agreed to delay the first elections planned in 15 years, citing a dispute with Israel over voting in east Jerusalem.

This is a pretty landmark and damning report by @hrw ⁩ that joins a growing nunber of rights groups accusing Israel of committing the crime against humanity. #Israel  vehemently denies all the accusations & has called it a “propaganda pamphlet”

A doctor at Ibn Khatib hospital was giving CPR to a COVID-19 patient when the 1st cylinder exploded. Hearing the hiss of oxygen he screamed “evacuate” fearing everything would blow up. But relatives wouldn’t leave their loved ones & burned to death #Iraq 

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Mabrouk to the finalists of the @onewm  Intl journalist of the year award and a massive thank you to the One World Media team for giving me a special mention. Means a huge amount 💛 good luck @suadadalsalhy  @drewambrose  @fisayosoyombo  👏🏼

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Israel's president has tasked opposition figure Yair Lapid with forming #Israel 's next government after Netanyahu missed the deadline. Lapid's got 28 days to do this & already has 56 of the 61 seat Knesset seats he needs. But he needs 7 more,so there's a chance of a 5th election

This exchange is just so deeply depressing: “You’re stealing my home” “I didn’t do this”. The UN says the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in #SheikhJarrah  may amount to a war crime.


Israel arrested 5 Palestinian children aged 7-11 today after they were picking flowers near a settlement in the occupied West Bank according to rights groups. @btselem  says they are police station in Kiryat Arba . Photos: Nasser Nawaj'ah (B'Tselem)

Here’s a video of the Israeli soldiers arresting the children (from @btselem  )

Absolute chaos in #Beirut  . Shattered shop fronts, injured people staggering around, alarms going off, ambulances trying to get to hospitals, the floor is glistening with shattered glass. In all my years of covering wars I have never experienced a blast like this. #Lebanon 

So many disturbing videos of violent police behaviour coming out of the US,that echo crackdowns in the region I cover. Here officers in #Minneapolis  patrolling an area stop to fire on residents filming them from their own front porch #georgesfloydprotest 

Completely unprovoked US police officers punch an Australian cameraman, club the correspondent live on air outside the White House. Australia’s PM has called for an investigation. Does @realDonaldTrump  does not realise how unhinged this looks to the world?

I've lived in #Egypt  for 7 years, it's my beloved home and I'm not sure when I can return. I was arrested after doing an interview and threatened with military trial unless I got on a plane. Like others, I still don't know what happened:

Of the 82 that the Syrian regime "shot on the spot" in East#Aleppo  13 were children and 11 were women, according to the UN.

Morning from #Beirut . Like so many, I’m waking up from a 2 hour nap on my sofa with gaping holes in my walls, wondering where I am going to live. So many dead, injured, missing, so much destroyed. How can the country possibly fix this and get back on its feet?