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Bate Felix

Reuters Energy Correspondent, Paris. Previous Dakar, Brussels, London, Johannesburg.. RT ≠ Endorsement

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Two more weeks of lockdown as Spain's #coronavirus  crisis worsens

#Mali opposition leader goes missing with 11 others: party

Fearing coronavirus, African city dwellers flee to the countryside

German cathedral dusts off relics of St Corona, patron of epidemics

Condom shortage looms after #coronavirus  lockdown shuts world's top producer

Five days of worship in Mulhouse that set a #coronavirus  time bomb in France

Exclusive: U.S. investigates child labor in Ivory Coast cocoa supply chains

Anxiety, anger and hope as women face childbirth during #coronavirus  pandemic


Meanwhile, #Cameroon 's President Paul Biya, who left the country on Sept 16 for the UN General Assembly meeting is still not back.

Train derailed as it was entering Eseka. So far Govt says 53 killed in the accident, 300 injured. Toll could rise t…

#Turkey PM says #coup  attempt underway, elected government still in charge

Amnesty accuses #Nigeria  of killing at least 150 #Biafra  separatists via @Reuters 

Transparency International says it has no international election observation mission in #Cameroon . A recent (State broadcaster ) report featuring individuals described as working for Transparency International is false and untrue. #Etoudi2018 

#Gabon's electoral commission will have to explain why turnout was at 99.93 pct in #Bongo 's stronghold Haut-Ogooué but 59pct nationally

EU source says #Turkey  #coup  bid looks substantial, 'not just a few colonels' via @Reuters