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Feb 11, 2019 - Elk City, OK - Nothing too impressive, but for Feb in OK, we will take it. #okwx
Today beat expectations. This was taken near Bessie, OK at 5:50pm. Biggest hail encountered was ~1/2" diameter. #okwx @NWSNorman
Lots of soft hail to 1/2” just east of Elk City, OK awhile ago. #okwx
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62 degree temp difference across the state of OK at 5:45am this morning! #okwx
Quite the temp spread across the state of Oklahoma this afternoon. Difference of 51°F. #okwx
First risk of severe weather for the southern plains tomorrow. Probably after dark and linear, but with such strong SDS, we will probably be out to at least catch some lightning! #okwx
Jan 26, 2019 - Lake Thunderbird, OK - The weather has been very boring in the southern plains for some time now. So here is a sunset. #okwx
Jan 26, 2019 - Lake Thunderbird, OK - Sunset reflection on a warm winter evening. #okwx

The Most Relevant

Eyewall of Michael by Tyndall AFB. Full sunshine in eye! Experience of a lifetime. Now pray for the people affected. #flwx
Oct 10, 2018 - Tyndall AFB, FL - 14 mm wide angle shot standing in the eye of Hurricane Michael with full sunshine. We heard thunder a couple times in the eyewall and could hear the roar of the wind around us at times. Very surreal experience. #flwx #HurricaneMichael
Absolute insanity in northeast KS 10:05am. Denton, KS. Power is out in town. #KSwx @NWSKansasCity
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Another shot of the Garland, TX tornado. Video soon. #txwx #TXTornadoes
Buffalo, OK is a disaster. Significant tree damage. #okwx #icestorm2017 @NWSNorman
HP supercell near Freedom, OK this evening. #okwx
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