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In centuries to come, archaeologists digging through the embers of our civilisation will happen across this interview and conclude, not without justification, that Mr Motivator was the man who led us out of our darkest hour.

Left: @Robert  href='/s/Buckland'>Buckland today advising that due to “the govt’s advice on social distancing” he is cancelling his surgery. Right: Mr Buckland just now telling us that three quarters of Crown Court trials have to continue as normal in our filthy unsanitary courts.

I’d be interested in seeing a Venn Diagram of people hoarding basic supplies, people blithely going out to pubs and cafes as “it’s just a bit of flu”, and people who deserve to be repeatedly punched on the nose. Reckon it’s pretty close to a circle.

Dear @RobertBuckland.  This is how jurors are feeling. This man, and hundreds like him, is expected to make a decision affecting someone’s liberty. How on earth can this be fair to anybody involved?

In the latest episode of what could become a regular podcast entitled "Book Recommendations of Really Good Books That Everyone Else Has Already Read", I have just finished How Not To Be A Boy by @arobertwebb,  and holy heck it is truly wonderful. Treat yourself during isolation.

BAD TAKES: ❌”Why on earth is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom getting tested for this dangerous disease?” ❌”Ha ha, he’s infected!” ❌”WHO ELSE HAS HE DELIBERATELY INFECTED THE CALLOUS SWINE??” *** APPROPRIATE TAKE: ✅”Let’s hope he recovers soon.” Come on, Twitter

“Non-essential” is not a term in the Regulations. Regulation 6 allows us to obtain “basic necessities”, which specifically “includes food”. Types of food are not prescribed or proscribed. Schedule 2 allows “food retailers” to remain open. Again, types of food are not specified.