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On NBC4 just now with Adam Tuss, Metro GM Paul Weidefeld acknowledges he's been contacted by London to run its transit system, suggests he's not leaving but wasn't 100% definitive. His Metro contract is up next year. @kojoshow  @wcp  @nbcwashington 

WATCH: @Clyburn  says he accepts Bernie Sanders' front-runner status but he wants "South Carolina to have its say." #MTPe #IfItsSundayp. Clyburn: "I think the debate on Tuesday night will have an impact."

"Republicans may regret what they ask for," CNN political commentator Mark McKinnon says. "... Sanders has got a narrative and his narrative is very much like Trump's ironically ... he just has a different prescription and a different cause" #CNNSOTU 

"It's a big threat -- not a tall one, but a big one: Michael Bloomberg," After a disappointing result in Nevada, @elizabethforma 's attacks get personal.

JUST IN: Trump admin to ask Congress for emergency funds to combat coronavirus: report

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Chris Murphy on Trump’s allegation that he violated the Logan Act, says he informed State ahead of his meeting with Zarif. He says he’s “not negotiating with Iran” but had meetings. “It’s dangerous that this administration is not talking to Iran,” Murphy told @jaketapper 

CNN political commentator Mark McKinnon on Bernie Sanders: “Not only is he going to be prohibitive frontrunner, but I think he is running up the margins to make it much harder for anybody else to go into the convention.” #CNNSOTU 

Happy Sunday morning! Donald Trump just accused Adam Schiff of leaking the intelligence that Russia was working to help Bernie Sanders. With no evidence!

The Taliban‘s “tired of fighting“ after decades of fighting, Trump tells reporters at White House as he leaves for India. He says: we think they want to make a deal, and we want to make a deal.