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Lyrics are LIFE! RT if you are/know someone like this. Get one here -> https://t.co/XNIjl0Weeg
Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma in 2017 https://t.co/DyFurSccHN
Don't look back when you know you shouldn't.
Don't stress over things that don't matter.
Don't worry about thinks you can't control.
Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.
2017 was one of the longest, dumbest, strangest years in recent memory ttp://www.esquire.com/lifestyle/a14442019/2017-year-in-review/
Here’s Your First Look at “Riverdale” In 2018 — and Betty’s Brother Is Finally Here! https://t.co/7SN5iraslg
Don't Use These 3 Phrases If You You Want to Foster Innovation at Your Company https://t.co/8eFAd6Fwl0
A look back at the times #StarWars appeared on our cover. https://t.co/NRlRWFWrQK
ONE AWAY: Taylor fires in a 105 checkout to move to the verge of victory at two apiece! (2-0) #WHDarts
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