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  3. thank you, hiromi tsuru for everything that you've done! you will always be our bulma. 😢
Thank you, Hiromi Tsuru for everything that you've done! You will always be our Bulma. 😢
Thank you, Hiromi Tsuru for everything that you've done! You will always be our Bulma. 😢


“If you’re preparing for a big project, read stuff that has nothing to do with your project.” —Luc Sante https://t.co/wgd9wLx5s8
One minute she's is all over the place and on every talk show you can think of, and the next she's not seen for months at a time--And that's on purpose. Jennifer Lawrence gets far, far, away from Hollywood when she's not working and here's why: https://t.co/OvPYGIZGTq
I feel like it's implied, but just to be clear: live your best life! I #DeactiDayf isn't your jam, that's cool! No judgment! Do what makes you happy! I think most of you get that, but some replies are ... well, sort of supporting my reasons for leaving this network. So. Yeah.
Twitter is broken. You deserve better than an app that tolerates and welcomes the spreading of abuse and misinformation. Being part of this is not doing us any good. Personally, politically, socially. For a day, a week, forever: your call. It’s just a good time to go. #DeactiDay
It’s become a bit of a joke, but it turns out breathing into a paper bag will actually make you calmer. Research suggests that breathing into a bag for half a dozen breaths increases the amount of carbon dioxide in your body and helps you feel less anxious. #NationalRelaxationDay
Thank You @DStv & @Mzansimagic for my nomination! ❤️ #DSTVMVCA
@JohnBrennan Thank you, Mr. Brennan. I stand with you. We won't relent until the illegitimate @POTUS is removed from office. Let's step that up now, shall we #ImpeachTrump #25thAmendmentNow?
Now That You've Built Your Start, Here's How to Sell It for Lots of Money https://t.co/1s0pjXHyz9
Just want you all to know that every time we see any of you watch our videos and respond with "I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying," we never believe you 😉❤️
Our Drought Appeal has raised an incredible $4,221,225 to for our struggling farmers! Many of you have been asking where exactly that money is going. We’ve been working hard to GUARANTEE that 100% of the donations go exactly where it’s needed, directly to our farmers! #9Today
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