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⚪️ a man
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Man accused of groping woman during flight, tells authorities Trump 'says it's OK'
A terrifying story out of Cobb County: A woman says a man climbed a window, smashed her window and sexually assaulted her. @ChrisJoseNBC5 is working on this story for our 5 p.m. newscast on Channel 2 Action News.https://t.co/y3pM0nljR6
A man accused of groping a woman over the weekend thought he had the perfect excuse, citing President Donald Trump’s infamous “grab ’em” moment: https://t.co/HeoHQguDxK
Man accused of groping woman on flight: Trump 'says it's OK to grab' women's private parts https://t.co/T0ytrTSgAT
Photos: Man accidentally shoots woman outside N. Houston motel https://t.co/XxGok5aDlz
Say What Now? Florida Man Accused of Groping Woman, Says Trump Said 'It’s OK to Grab Women by Their Private Parts' https://t.co/9mgxhOCLQv via @lovebscott
Police identify man who racially abused woman on Ryanair flight https://t.co/72jeOZapsJ
A man accused of groping a woman during a Southwest Airlines flight over the weekend reportedly told authorities that "the President of the United States says it's ok to grab women by their private parts," according to a criminal complaint. https://t.co/AggkUjjTqQ
While thousands of people mistreat #Animals #Pets inflicting on them the most horrific pain we still find, Thankfully, unknown #Heroes who risk their lives to save them. To this Noble Man we all need to bow our heads to say Thank YOU! #PAWSFLORIDA https://t.co/PpVPwSITSY
Investigators say a man climbed a ladder outside a woman’s home, broke a window and then went inside and sexually assaulted her. https://t.co/eAXYGOAUBe
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