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The euro had a mixed start but was a net winner, thanks to a report from Corriere Della Sera claiming that the Economy Minister Giovanni Tria was determined to keep Italy’s 2019 budget deficit within 1.6% of GDP, which is below the E.U.’s 3.0% limit. $eur https://t.co/0cOt4yhaIg
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The yen is currently THE biggest loser of the week, which is a repeat of last week’s poor performance. $jpy https://t.co/r6YOMm59W5
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Like the Aussie, the Kiwi’s price action was also driven largely by trade-related developments and risk sentiment. However, the Kiwi was also likely feeding off the Greenback’s weakness. $nzd https://t.co/fOAX1ehs0K
While having discipline is a very important trait for a trader, we also have to be wary that if we’re too stuck in our ways, we end up imposing our ideas on what the market should do, instead of reacting to what is actually happening. https://t.co/2kYejxlQM4
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