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Bill Williamson

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Here’s my #Raiders  QB thoughts: If they want to move away from Carr do it with a 22-year-old not a 43-year old.

Burfict is dirty as hell. We all know that but he’s a football player not a felon. A season suspension is ridiculous. #Raiders 

Think the AFC West has a Patrick Mahomes problem.

This Bruce Irvin thing blindsided a lot of folks involved. Another name to keep on #Raiders ' radar: Janoris Jenkins

I was told King’s release was a ”message” and it was a Gruden-led decision. More details to come on @RaidersSnakePit  #Raiders 

#Bears are 8-3. It does not get mentioned enough that McKenzie said a reason why Mack was sent there because they felt the pick would be high. #Raiders 

Amazing 2 years ago #Raiders  played #Chiefs  on Thursday night at 0-10 tonight for division at 10-2. Enjoy It's what you've been waiting for.

If Mark Davis doesn’t have the money to pay his superstar he should sell the f-ing team. What a stupid narrative. #Raiders