Chinese plants that make kosher foods, which typically receive in-person inspections to assure they meet Jewish dietary laws, are getting virtual visits during the pandemic

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"What if I don't want a vaccine?" @laoneill111  answers the question.

The United States is 243 years old. Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 of those years... That’s ~20% of the time... and you still can’t name an accomplishment of his other than sending our jobs to China and enriching his family BIGLY.

- Golf courses are one of the best ways to launder large amounts of money. So, next step: look to Scotland. That is where he spent this money, where the businesses make the least sense. The math seems clear: *somebody* was giving him 100s of millions to spend. 4/

- Soon after, he’s in business with the Agalarovs, flirting with Georgians and Kazakhs with ties to Putin. - All of these groups are—between 2011 and 2016—known to be laundering money through golf courses. 3/

- This new source had more money and seems to have put fewer restrictions on his spending. - Only question for us as a nation: what is that new source of money? - As I’ve written obsessively, 2011 is when he gets into business with the Mammadovs. 2/

Money laundering is simple and not, necessarily, a sophisticated crime. It is, at base, story telling. Someone has a ton of dough they can't spend without raising questions. It's from drug money or corruption or whatever. 1/

Until we know who, we don’t know who this man owes and what they know about him. 5/end

The remarkable story of how @elonmusk  and his small team reached orbit in 2008 has gone largely untold—until now. I’m thrilled to say my book on the origins of SpaceX, Liftoff, will be published by William Morrow on March 2, 2021. Preorder now:

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Trump wanted his daughter Ivanka to be his vice presidential pick in 2016, according to a new book from the president's former deputy campaign chairman

We're barely keeping our heads above water. 📕 Read more: