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With movie theaters in limbo, Netflix plans to release 70 films in 2021 — its biggest year yet

Amsterdam moves to ban tourists from visiting its famed coffee houses that also sell legal marijuana

China wants to build a $306 billion used-car market from scratch

China’s Communist Party has vastly increased its influence over privately owned companies since Xi came to power in 2012, a new report says

6 food and drink trends to watch for this year

The SBA is relaunching its forgivable loan and other programs

No state is better at testing for Covid-19 than Minnesota

Florida’s low taxes, year-round sunshine, and emerald golf links are already luring some Wall Street workers down from New York

Big Government is back in Europe: EU countries are using stimulus to equip their economies for a post-pandemic future


NEW: LeBron James is building a new media company that aims to give a voice to Black creators and consumers who’ve been pandered to, ignored, or underserved

Confined mostly to tiny cabins, crew members found themselves forced to stay aboard—sometimes without pay—and struggling to cope with a never-ending lockdown

The BTS Army and K-pop stans are beating QAnon and MAGA supporters at their own game

This German biotech company has made kits with 4 million coronavirus tests since the outbreak began

1 billion YouTube views. 319.1 million Spotify streams. 192,500 album sales. Blackpink is the biggest pop group in the world

Camden, New Jersey, dissolved its police department. Here's what it looks like now

NEW COVER: David Ho's drug research helped save millions of lives from HIV. Now his lab is racing for a coronavirus cure

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Divorces are spiking in China as couples emerge from their coronavirus quarantines

Japan's lost generation is still jobless and living with their parents