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OH...Mario! Thanks for stopping by! Incredible talk https://t.co/JgVaD6rvIe and tunes today: https://t.co/7TudfXtVS7 #DROWNING #Mario
The weekend starts right now! 📺🎞️ Check out our experts' picks on #BUILDWeekendWatch and get maximum couch time: https://t.co/xmiwLR3jDU. 🛋️
#ICYMI: @boburnham & the cast of dro@eighthgrademovpped by and#BUILDseries it was amazing: . 💖https://t.co/v8Ly4OaDaA
We had so much fun talking #KinkyBoots with @thedavidcook & ! 👠✨@jharrisonghee You can watch their full vis#BUILDseriesit here: .https://t.co/fn8DmCXL2A
“Ne-Yo is a gentlemen. He was a karate kid. He always used to do karate back in the day. Even his handshake was a karate move. He would hand chop you if you ever got out of line" - @OHYESMARIO on collaborating with @NeYoCompound🥋.
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“I was brought up when raw talent was developing, so I used a lot of what I learned throughout the years on this project.” - @OHYESMARIO on his newest single, #DROWNING.
Catch @OHYESMARIO now on https://t.co/M8xULp80xC and stick around for his live performance! ⚡️
“Everything is on point.” - @RickyCam on 'Unfriended: DarkWeb'.
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Get your weekend started with #BUILDWeekendWatch live on https://t.co/M8xULp80xC! 📺✨🎥
“The last movie I watched was’ Training Day.’” - @MelissaLeo on what she's currently watching.
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