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Share Market Highlights / Nifty / Indusind Bank / Airtel

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A federal judge on Tuesday rejected a U.S. government request to drop Donald Trump as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit by a writer who said the president falsely denied raping her in a Manhattan department store a quarter century ago.

High School students in 2017 have the same anxiety levels as insane asylum patients in the 1950s.

BREAKING: The latest numbers from the CDC reveal hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths. That makes the already-low coronavirus death rate even lower.

GST evasion: Govt to create database of 'risky' companies

Little girl teaches her baby duck how to swim 😍

Zoom is now worth $150 billion. That’s more than all of these companies combined: Hyatt Hotels Wynn Resorts Live Nation Expedia CarMax Lyft The Gap Hasbro Wendy’s Domino’s Pizza Etsy Dropbox DraftKings Tiffany & Co H&R Block Foot Locker Bed Bath & Beyond

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So far, more than 8.7 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the United States. Here's how much cases are up compared with 2 weeks ago: 📈 North Dakota: +45% 📈 South Dakota: +37% 📈 Montana: +19% 📈 Wisconsin: +52% 📈 Guam: +84%

Black Americans, motivated by the Black Lives Matter Movement and largely President Trump's entire first term, have been voting in record numbers.

🌈✊ Protest has been part of the #LGBTQ  community since the beginning. As we celebrate #LGBTQHistoryMonthHi  @actupnysto @mynameisjroryMo @ReclaimPrideN @jaywwalker1YCth, 's an #PowerOfProtest  's discuss the and why we all should #BlackLivesMatterbe  involved with & intersectional causes.