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.@bretthundley7 is too slippery for the defense 🔥 (via @NFL)

.@AaronRodgers12 ▶️ @TheJimmyGraham 💰 (via @NFL)

Brady getting started early 💥 (via @NFL)

The Jets actually fill their biggest need and the Chargers get a QB of the future 🙏

Latest mock draft predictions: https://t.co/sv53oR4wlh
Jalen Ramsey wouldn’t say Eli Manning was a good QB. Simms agrees.

(via @SimmsandLefkoe)
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John Elway says the Broncos won't look at Kap if they search for backup QB: "Colin had his chance to be here" https://t.co/G8ts41Ol6J
Jalen Ramsey thinks Deshaun Watson will be MVP in a few years and Simms agrees: “[He] has a chance, in 3 years, to be the best quarterback in football.”

(via @SimmsAndLefkoe)
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In a make-or-break season, the Steelers are heading in the wrong direction https://t.co/rRRn96Ixm1
“The greatest threat the Jaguars face is believing their own hype.” — AFC assistant

Jacksonville is handling success by learning the value of culture https://t.co/u3eG5WtqSD
7. RB Saquon Barkley
21. WR Stefon Diggs
35. QB Aaron Rodgers

Round-by-round strategy for the updated fantasy football mock draft https://t.co/VFuW0fLaQQ
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