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Latest Scoops

TD from one end-zone to the other 💯

(Via @NFL)
Luck trying to be a pro-bowl WR 😅

(Via @thecheckdown)
AP’s gonna be doing jump cuts until he’s 100

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Saquon through the middle 😤

First time he gets a receiving and running TD in the same game and it’s only the 2nd Q

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Kenny Golladay just wanted this one more

(via @lions)

Raven's first TD with Lamar starting: runs on the ground the whole drive, 46 yards coming from L-Jax

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Don’t let Lamar get loose 💨

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Zach Ertz is on pace for 133 catches, which would...

◾️Destroy Jason Witten’s TE record (110)

◾️Be fourth all-time for any position

Ridiculous. (h/t @Gil_Brandt)
Le’Veon Bell could be transition tagged in the offseason, wants more than $17M/yr and at least $45M guaranteed, per @RapSheet
Jets coach Todd Bowles faces an "uphill battle" to keep his job, per @RapSheet
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