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ROY Ben Simmons out here trolling 🤣
Book got the receipts
Five players gunning for this year's Most Improved Player award 📈https://t.co/N4DLQxvHDb
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Joel Embiid says Deandre Ayton is “about to get his ass kicked,” per The Jump

There’s a “real possibility” that Jimmy Butler won’t show up at training camp next week if he doesn’t get traded, per @APkrawczynski
.@KDTrey5 trying new things in 2K 😅

(via @Ronnie2K)
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'Power' and 'Snowfall' dominate NBA locker-room talk and have players reaching out for guest appearances https://t.co/HByJoXElxM
DSJ won’t participate in the dunk contest next year, “the gimmicks and everything that go with it, I'm not with it.” https://t.co/jbHNyZOGtP
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After starting for 20 straight seasons, Rick Carlisle says 40-year-old Dirk Nowitzki will "likely" come off the bench for the Mavs
Bron really watching replays of himself in 2K 🤣

(via @KingJames)
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