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Latest Scoops

Luka has arrived 👀 (via @NBADraft) https://t.co/uMhPKl5nxO
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Paris Fashion Week 😎
Mikal Bridges still the favorite to be the Knicks’ selection at No. 9, even if Michael Porter Jr. falls, per @nypost https://t.co/IgbglVdzYt
Wichita State’s Landry Shamet may be the best shooter in this year’s NBA Draft — and one of the best prospects the Shockers have ever produced https://t.co/Y4Wb47Rx4i
A year and two trades later 😂
Hawks have made Dennis Schröder available for trade, per @JeremyWoo https://t.co/6YBW8O9J1G
Mo Bamba refused to share medicals and told Grizzlies he'd prefer not be selected by them, per @DraftExpress https://t.co/fdYnSiNsZc
10 best available centers in this year’s free agency class https://t.co/nLwnT9Po06
Gordon Hayward on track to be ‘fully cleared' in August from leg injury https://t.co/N0ImD6KlVx
Mavericks have “targeted” Luka Doncic with No. 5 pick, per @wojespn https://t.co/NpHbMOGDst
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