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Latest Scoops

Judge rules USC doesn't owe Steve Sarkisian any money in $30M lawsuit, per @TMZ_Sports https://t.co/xzM6VYQR18
Georgia QB Jake Fromm diagnosed with broken hand https://t.co/dxBjhH9ex9
How new redshirt rules could change the college football landscape in 2018 and beyond

Maryland OT Jordan McNair passes away weeks after being hospitalized following workout https://t.co/SHI8LYiKXb
Former No. 1 ranked QB Hunter Johnson is leaving Clemson to transfer to Northwestern, will have 3 seasons of eligibility after sitting out 2018 https://t.co/eDHt6Du6hK
Bama, USC set to open 2020 season at AT&T Stadium, per @Brett_McMurphy https://t.co/y12irjFviS
Nick Saban weighs in on UCF’s “national champion” claim: 'Self-proclaimed is not the same as actually earning it’ https://t.co/b09RSrcSnR
Bama breaks school, SEC record with 11th player drafted
There’s a lot more to NFL QB prospect Mason Rudolph than a strong right arm https://t.co/Qrwtz3W9de
NCAA approves new kickoff rule that states any ball fair-caught inside the 25 is a touchback https://t.co/qg6vZuonc5
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