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Latest Scoops

There’s a lot more to NFL QB prospect Mason Rudolph than a strong right arm https://t.co/Qrwtz3W9de
NCAA approves new kickoff rule that states any ball fair-caught inside the 25 is a touchback https://t.co/qg6vZuonc5
Former Michigan QB Wilton Speight announces decision to transfer to UCLA https://t.co/L5lOqfg30p
Patrick Surtain Jr. is the son of All-Pro and is No. 2 on our Top-10 freshmen for the upcoming season https://t.co/o8ceTbTeHc
Mark Dantonio’s annual 1-year contract extension approved amid scandal surrounding Michigan State, per @espn https://t.co/Z6DWw4M4Ut
Notre Dame to vacate all wins from 2012 and 2013 after NCAA denies appeal from academic misconduct case https://t.co/zXluB2tVMa
Top-5 recruiting classes according to @247Sports as we come to a close on #NSD18
Won't be long until Trevor Lawrence brings Clemson back to the top https://t.co/Lhh1jQzzYF
No. 3 ILB recruit Solomon Tuliaupupu chooses USC over Notre Dame, UCLA https://t.co/S3vCJCfQgw
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