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Former President H.W. Bush is suffering from sepsis and was in critical condition when he was taken to hospital, source tells CNN; he has now been stabilized
BREAKING: Fire breaks out at karaoke bar in Qingyuan in southern China, killing at least 18 people; arson suspected - Xinhua
BREAKING: Death toll from Toronto van attack rises to 10, police say https://t.co/Hn605fB8Zj
Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush hospitalized for an infection, less than a week after the death of his wifhttps://t.co/f4ZrqZR5oGe
Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush admitted to Houston hospital for treatment of an infection that spread to his blood; he appears to be recovering - spokesman
- Toronto, Canada
- Van drove onto sidewalk
- 9 dead, 16 injured (5 critical)
- Suspect attempted suicide by cop
- Man taken into custody
- Motive unknown
BREAKING: Toronto police confirm 9 dead, 16 injured after van runs over people https://t.co/Hn605fB8Zj
Video shows Toronto attack suspect tried to get an officer to shoot him; no shots were fired https://t.co/8httk0gQL3
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BREAKING: Death toll rises to at least 9 after van strikes people in Toronto - local radio https://t.co/Hn605fB8Zj
Update: Toronto hospital says 1 of the injured has succumbed to their injuries; unclear if the victim is among the 5 dead. At least 4 people in critical conditionhttps://t.co/Hn605fjxAJ.
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