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Gunmen open fire at funeral in north-central Mexico, killing 6 people and injuring 17 others - local newspaper
Death toll from heat wave in Japan rises to at least 14 with more than 2,000 others taken to hospital for heat exhaustion or heat stroke - REU/Kyodo
Cuba has begun providing internet on the mobile phones of select users as it aims to roll out the service nationwide by the end of this year - Reuters
Saudi Arabia bans GTA 5 and other games after 2 children killed themselves during a "suicide game" known as the Blue Whale https://t.co/bPJicDuXbV
Netflix shares fall 14% in after hours trade after the company's subscriber growth and forecast fell short of expectations
BREAKING: British lawmaker Guto Bebb resigns as junior defense minister after Prime Minister Theresa May agrees to demands from pro-Brexit MPs
Video shows Maria Butina, who has been charged with acting as a Russian agent, asking Trump in 2015 about his views on Russia https://t.co/m0g9HHsn34 https://t.co/ARSRG0B8Pr
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Number of injured rises to 23 after tour boat is hit by lava bomb off Hawaii's Big Island; 1 person suffered serious injuries - Civil Defense
Photo shows damage after tour boat is hit by a 'lava bomb' off Hawaii's Big Island; up to 13 people are believed to be injured
BREAKING: 'Lava bomb' hits roof of tour boat off Hawaii's Big Island, injuring up to 13 passengers
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