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Buffalo News Sabres & baseball columnist. 2013 Buffalo BBHOF inductee. My opinion is not wrong. You just disagree. 'Mike, YOU coach!' -- Lindy, 1/18/12

Latest Scoops

Bravo, Buffalo. Historic season. Big things ahead next year.
Talking #Sabres and #Blackhawks on @FAN590 in Toronto at 6 pm.
My #Sabres column today: It's stunning to see how fast the #Blackhawks have fallen. https://t.co/o0MblB9MVU
PKane: "A lot of us have to look in here and find a way to re-establish that winning culture. We have a different grouup than we've had in the past. We can't lean back on the experiences this team has had. The veteran guys can but it's really a totally new group." #Blackhawks
The annual Patrick Kane meet and greet under way in Section 114. #Blackhawks
It's over: #Sabres end 12-game skid vs. #Blackhawks with a 5-3 win. Final shots were 37-32 Chicago.
Reinhart with a 3-point game. That's 19 goals on the season for him. #Sabres
It's going to be a win in matinee (they were 0-6-2) and a win vs. the Central (they were 1-8-2). All going #Sabres way today.
ROR with the steal, Reinhart with the empty netter. #Sabres lead 5-3 with 38.4 seconds left and they will beat the #Blackhawks for the first time since 2009.
Baptiste's first two-goal game in the NHL. #Sabres
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