Boat Clearwater Beach; / Tampa Story

Boat fire at Clearwater Beach; apartment fire in Tampa. Story updates on our home page:

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Boat Clearwater Beach; / Tampa Story

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#AmericaFirst @MZHemingway  : The politics of personal destruction without evidence, like we’ve seen against Kavanaugh, has to stop. The Senators & media need to be held accountable for lies they spread about him #MAGA  #Dobbs 

This is not a typical situation of exposing this President for double speak - it is about exposing this country to a double threat. And the President owns it because he created it. That was the hard part. How will be solve it? We will see...

Sen. Harris calls for an "outside counsel" to review the evidence against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, determine the credibility of the witnesses, and provide Congress with the information necessary to decide how to proceed.

Tonight we hosted the @NASDAQ  Exchange at the Governor’s Mansion. They provide access to funding that empower the leaders, entrepreneurs, & innovators who make Texas so great. Our incredible employers—& their employees—have made TX has the 10th largest economy in the world.

New York City will not penalize students who attend global youth climate strikes on Friday. “This completely changes things,” one student said.

Trump’s acting intelligence chief told to turn over whistleblower complaint or face public questioning by Congress

Netflix special with Dave Chappelle: Uses homophobic slurs and does an offensive impersonation of a chinese person New Cast member for SNL: Uses homophobic slurs and does offensive impersonations of a chinese person gets fired

Watch out, Iron Man, we've got a new 'super' suit to obsess over

Hunting for a new gig? Florida officials are looking for a few dozen civic-minded people to help track and humanely dispatch invasive snake species. Python removal agents are paid by the hour, with extra for snakes that are over 4 feet or guarding eggs.