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UPDATED: Hurricane Michael is moving across south-central Georgia as a Category 1 storm https://t.co/t3az47fLPg
Hurricane Michael is a Category 4 storm — here's what those category labels really mean https://t.co/E64SO8gOgT
15 common misconceptions and surprising realities about dementia and Alzheimer's disease https://t.co/X0aOtS326s
Boeing may have used a lobbying firm to plant a scathing opinion piece about SpaceX in US news outlets. At stake is billions of dollars in NASA contracts. https://t.co/FrLo08qN0D
Why you find it hard to pick your lunch or a Netflix show, according to new research https://t.co/0pBvLutvBi
Devastation emerges from deadly Indonesian earthquake: At least 1,200 killed, disaster agency says early detection system failed https://t.co/KoIsGo1NJK
Killer whales could be wiped out by banned pollutants within decades, major new study finds https://t.co/nLuDzSxCNS
An eerie creature that lived over half a billion years ago was just officially confirmed as the world's earliest known animal — via @ScienceAlert https://t.co/obVFQxaFo4
Elon Musk just revealed the 'final iteration' of SpaceX's biggest and most powerful rocket ship — take a look https://t.co/VlmWEDXBXw
Firefighters knelt and prayed outside a North Carolina home where a mother and her baby were killed as Hurricane Florence made landfall https://t.co/9qWZJTrZiO
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