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Happy #EarthDay! We've made some important progress, but there's more work to do. https://t.co/bZbTknuOy5
Scientists have accidentally discovered a mutant enzyme that can fully eat up and decompose common plastic, and could help the world solve the problem of plastic waste https://t.co/GPYZ2PLPCF
One type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have — and new research suggests intense workouts aren't the only option
Eating well-done meat has been linked to increased risk for developing high blood pressure https://t.co/MjlQeOQd6L
Smartphones horrified me as a new parent — here's why I stopped worrying and learned to embrace kids' tech-filled futures https://t.co/0Ic1pUfFmK
You may be storing your food all wrong — here's how to keep fruit, veggies, meat, and dairy fresh for longer https://t.co/nXjS41W9CY
The more sugar you drink, the higher your chances are of dying early, a new study suggests https://t.co/UVBcjpetTD
John Bolton — Trump's national security advisor pick — has pushed for a strike on North Korea. Experts say that could leave 2.1 million people dead. https://t.co/bIpG26O0nx
Mercury is 'in retrograde' — here's what that actually means and why it won't impact your life https://t.co/d8IcnclkWT
A male birth control pill that lowers testosterone levels will soon get tested in a 3-month study https://t.co/45MfzoSAqA
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