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Tsunami warning for Alaska and entire US west coast after 8.2-magnitude earthquake at sea https://t.co/GtLl9niMr0
Trump's doctor says he's in 'excellent health,' but the numbers tell a different story https://t.co/emnyQJUuLi
The Trump administration is removing Florida from its offshore drilling plan because the state is 'obviously unique' — and other coastal states are furious https://t.co/PsJN0546ij
The world's oceans are in even worse shape than we thought https://t.co/WQBJYlNXc0
Photos show the East Coast frozen over as temperatures drop in the wake of the 'bomb cyclone' https://t.co/WoPn5Ox9o2
Blockchain startup Viant announced a new collaboration with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Microsoft, and others to develop blockchain-based supply chain tracking solutions. https://t.co/BC0NOLdOcW
We're learning more about why one type of carb is so good for you https://t.co/2Ae05lhmKO
An entrepreneur is turning a nuclear bunker into what could be Europe's largest legal marijuana farm https://t.co/X5b5Nx4Gwn
The midwest has some of the most extreme weather in the US and these are the photos to prove it https://t.co/LgNf6R4ITW
Here are all the areas of US ocean that the Trump administration wants to open to oil drilling https://t.co/sH2VyW1ogT
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