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A Democratic ad that aired in Colorado described Sen. Cory Gardner and President Donald Trump as sticking together “like peanut butter and jelly.”

Washington lobbyists are bracing for the prospect of a win next month by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

A Nov. 3 statehood referendum in the bankrupt territory of 3.2 million people is non-binding and will be the sixth time the issue has been on the ballot.

Commercial jets’ air filtration systems sweep up airborne coronavirus within minutes, a Pentagon test found, suggesting that flying poses a low risk of exposure.

With the nation’s attention fixed firmly on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court, largely overlooked is the high court drama taking place outside the Beltway.

Progressive Democrats are optimistic that the handful of allied candidates running competitively in GOP-held districts can help advance their legislative agenda next year.

Seven former Republican congressmen are seeking redemption for their unceremonious 2018 exits, but a handful of them face the prospect of a second-straight defeat.

Democratic candidates raised more money than Republicans in every battleground Senate race in the first two weeks of October, reports say.

Several oil companies have invested a record $18.4 million in a campaign against an Alaska ballot measure that would boost taxes on the richest oil fields in North America.


Is voting by mail safe? There is little evidence to support claims by Trump and others that vote-by-mail is rife with fraud. For example, in Oregon, which has mailed more than 100 million ballots to voters since 2000, there have been only about a dozen documented cases of fraud.

BREAKING: Senate Democrats have the votes to block a scaled-back Republican stimulus bill from advancing

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Republican senators said they want to move quickly on legislation to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong despite a threat of retaliation from China.

Montana defies voting trends and often splits tickets with its votes for the upper house. Here's a look at the state's heated race between Senator Steve Daines and Governor Steve Bullock 👇

JUST IN: The Air Force is reviewing whether to turn over any of its military installations to the new Space Force service, according to internal plans compiled by the Pentagon.

People who have tested negative for Covid-19, so far: ❌ Joe Biden, Democratic presidential nominee, and wife Jill BidenKamala Harris, Democratic vice presidential candidate ❌ Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House ❌ Mike Pence, Vice President and wife Karen

NEW: House Democrats are considering the use of digital wallets to speed emergency funds to consumers as part of their sweeping COVID-19 economic stimulus.