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In these painful times, people think of doing many good things. But others think of how they can take advantage of the situation to profit personally from it. Let us #PrayTogether  that the Lord might grant an upright, transparent conscience to all of us.

We should adopt the habit of examining the process of temptation in ourselves, which changes our hearts from good to bad: How did the process begin in my soul? How did it grow?... May the Holy Spirit enlighten us to have this interior awareness. #HomilySantaMarta 

Am no electrical expert but claims grid may collapse if people switch off lights, really? The fridge is on. So are fans, lifts. Street lights too. Think of this, lights are off in daytime and grid doesn’t collapse right? Light jalao na jalao, dimaag ki batti zaroor jala lena!

Nachos anyone?! I'm planning a lil cooking masterclass this weekend, and sharing my recipe for the perfect nachos. I'll see you on Little Mix Instagram tomorrow at 4pm 🌮🍸 Here’s what you’ll need...

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Light a lamp. Or a torch. Or a candle or any other light. The fight is on. And it will continue. This just tells us we are all together in this. That’s all. 🪔 #9Minute9baje 

Congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer - I await to see what line of ad hominem attacks the right wing press make against you.

...Nacho chips Mature cheddar cheese Red Leicester cheese 1 Red onion Coriander 2 avocados Sour cream GarlicSalt and pepper 1 lemon or lime Jar of salsa 2 Spring onion Mixed herbs

Anyone seriously advocating for Herd Immunity is happy for the vulnerable in this country to die unnecessarily. That’s it. There is no more discussion.