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From #Aligarh  to #Assam , Jamia to Jorhat student protests against #CAB . I will ask every day: what was the need for any of this?

Tear gas and lathi charge at Jamia Millia as student protests are unabated against #CAB2019 

It is the sophist's argument to pretend that Citizenship Law & NRC are not linked. In fact the BJP's avowal of a pan India National Register of Citizens weaponizes #CAB  and makes what is presented as generous, absolutely bigoted. I have this in @htTweets 

sorry honey aint my report. So please at least do your homework before looking foolish. Cheers !

@SandipGhose  NRC weaponises CAB into becoming an instrument of bigotry. Try and read both my pieces in WapO and HT. They answer your question

@The Jaggi@SandipGhosePlease  read my piece Jaggi. The NRC is not being kept aside its intrinsically linked to the fact that only Muslim migrants will be in detention centres and camps. There is no way to separate CAB from NRC.

Ooof. To show a home where only women cook is not 2019. Is it

@smarket  The point is we must have messaging in our popular culture that shows both men and women in the kitchen. This subliminal cultural messaging is what makes women believe that the home is their responsibility more than the men. It guilts women into leaving careers and so on. Anyhow

Protests over #CAB  at Jamia in Delhi. A #Mojo  ground report


Disappointing to see @Malala  wade into cliched Pakistan state narrative about #Kashmir  when the hard truth is that she can never even return to her own country because she was shot for the rights of girls to go to school.

Let this sink in. #Unnao  Rape survivor's father was beaten to death. Now she is critically injured in a truck hit. Two of her relatives are dead. Her lawyer is critical. The rape accused, BJP lawmaker #Sengar  was visited by Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj in jail. Let this sink in.

I think @narendramodi  hug of a heart broken @isro  chairman was a group hug of a billion plus people. A very fine gesture. And just what was needed. To criticise and politicise even this as some are doing is to deny any transcendental moments for the country to unite as one #ISRO 

Apoorva,daughter of Pulwama Martyr, says to politicians: "My father did not die for Modi or Rahul. He died for India. Cant you contest an election without dragging us soldiers in. Once elections are over, you will forget us. We know it. " Stirring words on #ThisIsUs . Share

Senior IPS officer @AbdurRahman_IPS  resigns from service to register his civil protest against the passage of the #CABBill 

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An appalling situation in @NewsHtn  promoted by @KapilSibal  & his wife, where more than 200 employees have had equipment confiscated and face sackings without even a 6 month pay out. Man who acts holier than though in public has treated journalists in a hideous way

I think we should welcome this gesture from on the release of . The door #Abhinandanor  deescalation has been opened. And this is really not the time for dumb and needless gloating by tv anchors

I met Danish, son of Mohammed Akhlaq, whose own broken skull took two brain surgeries to heal. He hasn't been home to Dadri for 3 years. He still smiles, talks of Mohabbat & wants to be an IAS officer. If you mock his story with abuse you arent fit to be a human. #OnTheRoad2019 

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A secular country's citizenship law can never be driven by religion. If Gandhi were alive, he would be fasting against this citizenship law. Muslims are persecuted too- think Baloch, Shias, Rohingyas. This bill is against the grain of who we are. My take