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barkha dutt

Barkha Rani Jamke Barasti Hai. Emmy Nominated Reporter. Wannabe Lawyer. Columnist @WashingtonPost Contributing Editor @TheWeekLive. Argumentative!Yaaron Ka Yaar

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Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart

@RemaNagarajan  @patralekha2011I  did not use a mask for the first week of my reporting. I have reported every day from impacted areas, Nizamuddin, walking with migrant workers, crowded slum tenements. Teh mask is on the advise and instruction of all doctors as are the gloves because of DAILY EXPOSURE

Well said. Always sensitive. Thank u

@sunetrac  @mlkhattarP  @Dchautalalease  see my ground report from Behrampur, begumpur khatola. Entire village has no ration card and no access to food. Thank you

Glad to see this happening @RojerNath  had called for this last week in our #Mojo  interview

As doctors worry about shortages of safety gear, Safdarjung hospital asks for details of all doctors who manage WhatsApp groups details to "track fake news". Doctors worry its a way to stop information from getting out. My special investigation for #Mojo : #KeepOurDoctorsSafe 

Cannot become. Excuse to stop doctors from talking no

yes it is the single most important issue and thank you


The incredible story of Mujibur Rehman, I meet him in #Mustafabad . The mob burnt his house, looted his belongings, his life was saved by his Hindu neighbour, Sanjiv. He's read both the Vedas & the Quran & this is his message of peace. A moment of sunshine in despair. #DelhiRiots 

"Could Yogi not have arranged even a bus for us, Is it because we're? Poor?"-Rajneesh, is walking 247Km on foot to Bareilly. "Poverty will kill us before the virus"- If we airlift Indians how can we abandon millions of our poor. If states wont, let the Army. My #Mojo  report

Here is the mob wielding iron rods and lathis and sticks freely roaming the JNU campus. The main gate is blocked, media not being allowed inside either. This is a complete collapse. @ArvindKejriwal  if the police won't step in you must

Here is a closer shot of the man who fired 8 rounds in North East Delhi today with absolute impunity. Identify this man. Lock him up #DelhiViolence 

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In Delhi's Connaught Place, men shouting "Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko, Goli Maaron Salo Ko." marching through our capital as @DelhiPolice  stands and watches. Are the deaths of our citizens already not quite enough? What is this nonsense #DelhiRiots 

"They tell women to stay at home and not speak up, but speak up we must. Nobody can take our voice"- 22 year old Ayesha Renna & Ladeeda Farzana -Sheroes from 2 viral images from #Jamia , one in which they save their male friend from lathis, speak to me about Women Leading protests

Isn't it bizarre that a police that has been raining lathis on students in #Jamia  #AMU  didn't raise one lathi on the iron rod carrying masked vandals of #JNU  who sauntered away after wrecking property, beating women, teachers. sTudents tell me they're being tbreatened by cops

Zero arrests and FIR against unidentified persons though they are all on camera. Let that sink in #JNU 

Baby Maryam is 10 months old. Don't Look Away. She was beaten with sticks & hurled on the road. Her collar bone's broken. Her father Sarfaraz's car was burnt. He has rented an auto to make ends meet. A #Mojo  report on Delhi's youngest victim