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"Craig Mohre, president of the New Albany Community Foundation, said the push to address the subject came after five New Albany teenagers committed suicide within...
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One compliment can have an impact for a lifetime. Don’t withhold your blessing. Your words can impact people years from now.
@MisterCBooz @ZionNPSThanks! In anticipation of heavy snow, several roads at @ZionNPShave closed. Be careful out there! Visit updates. ❄️
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. -Matthew 5:8
My life may not be going the way I planned it. but it's going exactly the way God planned it.
You may look into your mirror and see flaws, but someone else looks at you, and only sees beauty.
Dynamic duo @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO are finally taking the challenge and going against the wings of death, but will they make it to wing 10? Find out tomorrow @ 11AM on #HotOnes 🔥
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