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What do Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump have in common? #r4today https://t.co/snol1Oicpu
One for the mathematically challenged #r4today #PuzzleforToday set by @DrMaths https://t.co/2rwK9EWFE0
A year ago this weekend, Donald Trump became US president with a series of economic promises. So how is he doing? #r4today https://t.co/cTNKAHXZ5x
The question on many people's minds... #r4today https://t.co/O4Z0qLaBL9
Q: Money that was owed by Carillion... is it your expectation that many small businesses will not get that money back?

Greg Clark: The job of the official receiver is to wind company up in an orderly way and assess how much creditors will get back

Business Secretary Greg Clark on Carillion collapse now #r4today
"There have been failures... I accept that we should have taken cells out of Liverpool prison much earlier than we did," says Michael Spurr, the man who runs the prison and probation service #r4today
It has been "failures at a local, regional and national level" in the case of Liverpool Prison... a failure of leadership says Peter Clarke, chief inspector of prisons https://t.co/IVWn2S32Hv #r4today
- How many businesses will close and how many jobs will be lost over Carillion’s liquidation? (0810)

- Why do all comedians seem to come from the liberal/left end of the political spectrum? (0820) #r4today

Top stories:

- Prison inspectors say living conditions at Liverpool Prison are the worst they've ever seen (0709), (0750)

- Scientists say they've made a big step towards one of the holy grails of medicine - a universal blood test for cancer (0725)

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