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"It is a race between the vaccines and getting those in people's arms, and the virus” Health Minister Edward Argar emphasises the government's desire for everyone to be jabbed Full interview plus Professor Jason Leitch on Covid measures in Scotland:

"We no longer want things only to happen in London or the bigger cities. We want things happening right across the UK" Martin Green, Chief Creative Officer of Unboxed 2022 says the arts event brings together the best creative minds from STEM and the arts

Today with @Marthakearney  and @bbcnickrobinson : The Queen's hospital visit; warnings that social care faces a tsunami of unmet need; and Jarvis Cocker teams up with director Wes Anderson

"We strongly support the best possible palliative care but... a small minority do need assisted dying" Baroness Meacher says even the best palliative care cannot alleviate the symptoms for a small minority of patients.

"China is an important part of the play... they're 27% of the world's emissions and we need them to participate" Amber Rudd, Former Energy and Climate Change Secretary, says it's about delivery now and China's negotiators will still be involved in COP26

"The reason many disabled people are worried is because the conditions they have could very easily be fitted into that 6 month prognosis" Baroness Grey-Thompson says she's concerned about how disabled people would be treated if assisted dying is legalised.

"What this is about is enabling people to die peacefully and out of pain where palliative care has failed" Lord Forsyth tells @Marthakearney  there are enough safeguards required by the Assisted Dying Bill Hear more views about the bill on Best of Today:

"Infection rates are high at the moment and it's good that those vulnerable people get their booster" Prof Anthony Harnden says the length of time between the 2nd vaccine dose and the booster could change but currently advice says 6 months #R4Today 

"Where the evidence leads them, if that's Donald Trump, you can be sure they're gonna go there" Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett tells @bbcnickrobinson  the investigation into the US Capital riot is more serious now that the Department of Justice is involved


"One of the cards... Boris Johnson didn't hold up was the one saying "Because at Christmas you tell the truth" Actor Hugh Grant@HackedOffHugh , who wants people to vote tactically against Brexit, gives his view of the PM's version of the famous Love Actually cards scene

We've been hearing from artists and writers about moments in their lives that brought comfort, while the world is a bit bleak. For Grief Awareness Week, we heard from actor, comedian and writer @robdelaney , about how his perspective on hope changed, after losing his son #R4Today 

Roald Dahl originally wanted Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be black #r4today 

After contracting coronavirus, the poet @MichaelRosenYes  spent 48 days in intensive care. Now back at home, he has a message for all of those people who wished him well while in hospital. #R4Today 

Anders Tegnell, Sweden's State Epidemiologist, says his country will continue avoiding lockdown & he's in favour of relaxing more, telling elderly people "you don't need to completely isolate anymore...just avoid big gatherings, keep a distance" #R4Today 

"My mum is definitely beyond help... It's impossible to talk to somebody when they've got that level of God complex" Sebastian Shemirani. His mother is former nurse Kate Shemarani whose speech at a protest event has been condemned by nursing leaders

“My advice to anybody to whom @BorisJohnson  is making promises...get it in writing, get a lawyer to look at it and make sure the money is in the bank” - Claire O'Neill, former president of the #COP26  Glasgow climate conference. #4rtoday 

"To get perhaps the most senior man in the country turning around and blaming them for what has been an absolute travesty of leadership from the Government, I just think it's appalling." Mark Adams, CEO of the charity Community Integrated Care#R4Today