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"It's not just Brexit. Brexit itself was a symptom that we were already not listening... we should have heeded the warning of the referendum in the first place" @LucyMPowell  on the scale of @UKLabour 's defeat. #r4today 

"I do think that some of the people around Corbyn have been more interested in controlling the party than winning elections" @UKLabour  candidate @CarolineFlintMP  - a former minister - tells @JustinOnWeb  after losing her seat to @Conservatives . #r4today 

"For all of those other women... I feel like we have failed" Former model Zoe Brock on why she's reluctantly agreed to a tentative settlement with Harvey Weinstein - and whether she felt she had any other option... #r4today  | | @MishalHusain 

On this results morning... it's @bbcnickrobinson  & @MishalHusain . Do follow all the latest on the election with us - and comment using #r4today  📻 ☕️

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Today: As @Conservatives  win a majority, we discuss how they won & how they'll govern. At 0730 @IanLaveryMP  on how @UKLabour  deals with its defeat. Also... @SalBrinton  on @LibDems  losing their leader & @IBlackfordSNPMP . Click ⬇️ for latest resul #r4todays 

"If Boris Johnson's a democrat he has to recognise... we've reinforced the mandate.. that we have to have that referendum on independence" @IanBlackfordMP  says the extent of @theSNP  win in Scotland sends a clear message on #IndyRef2  #r4today 

Kelvin & Oti receive a score out of 10 from the 4 @bbcstrictly  judges. When their total score of one dance is added up and written as a word, it is a number whose letters are in alphabetical order. What score did Kelvin & Oti get? @Bobby_Seagull 


"One of the cards... Boris Johnson didn't hold up was the one saying "Because at Christmas you tell the truth" Actor Hugh Grant@HackedOffHugh , who wants people to vote tactically against Brexit, gives his view of the PM's version of the famous Love Actually cards scene

"I'm dumbfounded that this government won't release the report about Russian influence. Because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens" @HillaryClinton  tells us. #r4today  | #GE2019  |

"Jeremy Corbyn is completely unfit to lead our country, completely unfit to lead the Labour party" Ex-Labour, now independent MP Ian Austin urges Labour voters to support Boris Johnson. He will not stand in this election. #r4Today  | | @bbcnickrobinson 

'Do I need a British accent?' is interviewed by Prince Harry for his guest edit of . In this warm-up, the prince jokingly warns the ex-president he'll get "the face" if he pauses too long between answers #r4today 

"That's a ludicrous assertion" @dominic_raab  denies pamphlet he co-authored – suggesting 2/3 hospitals could be run privately or not for profit – would encourage US trade interest in the #r4today '>NH #r4today  | | @bbcnickrobinson 

"I think he is fit to be prime minister... I do not believe he is anti-Semitic" Labour's Lord Dubs - who came to the UK on the Kindertransport - believes @chiefrabbi  "has gone a bit far" in his criticism of @jeremycorbyn  #r4today  | | @bbcnickrobinson 

Roald Dahl originally wanted Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be black #r4today 

This morning: World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. Here he is reading an extract from his 1966 thesis for in October last year. When put that thesis online, demand was so high it crashed the website #r4today