Risking it all to challenge the monarchy in Thailand

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NEW: California will now require workers in healthcare settings to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 30th.

i think this is right. if/when a swing state republican legislature overturns a presidential election result in 2024, the justification will be that the constitution gives state legislatures total and unlimited power to allocate electoral votes.

Italy makes Covid-19 health pass mandatory for teachers

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The U.S. hit a six-month high for new COVID cases with more than 100,000 infections reported, according to a @Reuters  tally, as the Delta variant ravages areas where people were not vaccinated

Gravity-defying action shots of Olympic gymnasts at #Tokyo2020  via @reuterspictures  photographers

Mark Meadows should also be unemployable and answering questions under oath.

President Biden has unveiled another component of his administration's plan to fight the climate crisis, announcing a new target that half of vehicles sold in the US by 2030 will be battery electric, fuel-cell electric or plug-in hybrid.

‘I am worried that if masks are not required, my brother could go to school one day and the next be dying in the hospital’ — This 12-year-old from Florida wrote a letter to her local school board asking them to institute a mask mandate

Netflix is the latest major company requiring workers to get vaccinated amid the Covid surge—see the full list:

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What would it take for you to ride this bicycle 1,000 ft in the air? The death-defying attraction is located at a theme park in central China.