Excuse / Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno / Julian / Ecuador

"Excuse me but I have to say this, he even smeared his faeces on our embassy's walls" Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno talks about revoking Julian Assange's asylum Assange's lawyer accuses Ecuador of "outrageous allegations" [tap to expand]

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Excuse / Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno / Julian / Ecuador

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Donald, thanks for lying about Morning Joe’s ratings. It gives me the chance to congratulate the entire MJ team for some of our highest ratings in history. Regarding Fox and Friends, Friday’s prelims show that both MJ & F&F had 1.3 million viewers per hour. So that’s a lie, too.

Dozens test positive for Covid-19 on Norwegian cruise ship just weeks after cruise industry restarts

BLM is extorting businesses in Louisville with some insane contract that demands they buy from approved businesses or give 1.5% of net sales to approved NPOs Those that refuse face "repercussions of non-compliance" Cuban Immigrants now rally to resist

#Exclusive #Breaking | Sushant Singh Rajput's father speaks out; claims he alerted the Mumbai Police on February 25 & cops did not act on the complaint. Listen in. | #SushantJusticeCampaign 

"My daughter is dying." UK police dragged a Muslim father from his terminally ill daughter, after doctors said they would stop treating her without family consent. Zainab, 6, died 4 weeks later. Video shows police kicking him, calling him an "animal." He is taking legal action.

“COVID‑19 debacle has also touched—and implicated—nearly every other facet of American society:its shortsighted leadership, its disregard for expertise, its racial inequities, its social-media culture, and its fealty to a dangerous strain of individualism”

Nearly six weeks later, two congressional races in New York remain undecided amid a deluge of mail-in ballots in what could be a harbinger of problems looming in November. "This election is a canary in the coal mine." @jessemckinley ⁩

A new report shows that Trump is 'the most anti-nature president ever'

Here’s last night’s segment about how U.S. history is taught, and not taught, in schools:

ShopRite debunks exit rumour, says not leaving Nigeria =========== ”We are not leaving, who leaves over a $30 billion invest and close shop?” Read more at: