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“I’d rather have my son than a hero”

Raisa’s son Vyacheslav was killed in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. She’s turned the family home into a museum dedicated to his memory

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Nigeria election: Anger and frustration after poll delay
Mexico border wall: Trump faces fight in the courts
India high speed train breaks down on first trip 😳
US former cardinal McCarrick defrocked over abuse allegations
El Salvador: Woman jailed over stillbirth is freed from 30-year sentence
Paul Manafort should be jailed for up to 24 years, Robert Mueller says
Eskom crisis: Why the lights keep going out in South Africa
Long-nosed lover Cyrano returns to woo Paris in hit play Edmond

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There are military parades — and then there's Mecca's mega military parade 💥
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The incredible moment a woman who's arrested for shoplifting slips off her handcuffs and steals a police car 😲
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Microsoft is saying goodbye to Paint after 32 years
The father of the youngest victim of the Barcelona attacks embraces an imam in an emotional show of unity
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. have now gone where no K-pop group has gone before: The United Nations.

In a pretty powerful speech, Kim Nam-joon (RM), spoke about overcoming insecurities and urged young people to do the same.

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Army #BTSxUnitedNation #BTS #BTSArmy
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Bangladesh students attacked during Dhaka protest
Fireworks extravaganza over Sydney Harbour as Australia welcomes in 2019

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When live TV goes wrong...

This BBC TV guest's children become the stars of the show.
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