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How can children and parents both benefit from mindfulness? @izzyeyesalight  shares simple exercises for those loud and chaotic family moments here:

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E. COLI OUTBREAK: 14 people in IA, IL, MO, TX, and UT are infected. If you recently ate clover sprouts from Jimmy John’s and have stomach cramps, diarrhea, or vomiting, visit your doctor and report your illness to your local health department. Learn more:

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The fix is this countdown iso-to-reps curl finisher, the iso-to-reps biceps smash, from Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel

San Francisco Chinatown Affected By Coronavirus Fears, Despite No Confirmed Cases

Honored to meet with and accept an award from the @medicaldevices  Manufacturing Association - proud to have led Republican efforts to repeal the harmful Obamacare Medical Device Tax and protect more than 20,000 American jobs.

Schools should be sanctuaries. We condemn the killing of nine children and three teachers in Idlib, northwest Syria. #ChildrenUnderAttack 

No matter how DHS tries to frame it, Monument Hill is a sacred site to the Tohono O’odham people. Blowing it up to construct Trump’s useless wall is a slap in the face to the O’odham & emblematic of the Trump’s disdain for cultural heritage and history. #HonorTheSacred 

All you need is a kettlebell and 20 minutes to train your entire body.

Meet Anne Litt: KCRW's new music director is the first woman in the influential job